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Visit Majestic Rajasthan This Independence Day

For every country, their independence is a moment of proud, and we don’t need to do any back of the paper math to say that we are not any different. Our Independence Day is round the corner and we have different ways to express our joy for freedom. We can go for parades or enjoy delicious lunch/dinner back home with family or we can even go for a small vacation.

To celebrate this day, many companies provide various discounts and offers to their consumers. Walking on the same lane, Real Tour India, a renowned travel agency has been providing an amazing discount of 20% on its Rajasthan tour packages.

For the travellers based out in Delhi, Rajasthan is one of the best and easy approachable destinations. The state has rich culture, amazing architecture and expanded deserts which offer you a great vacation point. Rajasthan is a world famous travel destination with thousands of foreign tourists coming to the state to explore its diverse culture and rich heritage. When you are in Rajasthan, you can explore the rich Mughal and Rajput culture through the hawelis, forts and palaces which embarks the presence of a great era. Other than this, the rich cultural heritage and amazingly innocent people will definitely vow you. You can also buy beautiful handicrafts and artifacts from Rajasthan. Without any doubt we can say that Rajasthan tour India will give you a glimpse of majestic India era.

There are various travel agencies that provide umpteen travel packages to Rajasthan. One travel agency, Real India Tours is a renowned travel agency based in Delhi which provides affordable travel packages. Furthermore, on the eve of Independence Day, the company is offering an additional discount of 20%. That is, now you can enjoy the spectacular Rajasthan without burning a hole in your pocket.

Real Tours India offers fantastic packages to Rajasthan. These packages ensure that you enjoy great luxury and comfort at affordable prices. The company takes care of your itinerary and you just relax. From the transportation to hotel bookings, and from sightseeing to visit to heritage places, the company takes care of everything. The already affordable package is now more cost effective due to the additional discounts of 20%, thereby giving you another reason for a vacation. The company offers two packages to the state -the classic Rajasthan and the Royal Rajasthan. We also organize Rajasthan group tours and tailored Rajasthan trips which will not only offer you great vacation experience but also make to experience the rich culture and heritage of the state.

So if you have no big plans on this Independence Day, then pack your bags and get set go to explore the amazing life and cultural heritage of Rajasthan. And when you are buying the package from the Real Tours India, you can be sure that you are getting the best of the State.


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