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About Mumbai
Mumbai is the capital of Maharashtra and the economic powerhouse India. Mumbai, named after the local goddess Mumba (ai means mother in Marathi), is built on a long, thin island just off the west coast of Maharashtra and linked to the mainland by causeways. It's India's big-money business centre, and where the beautiful people hang out. Built on elegant colonial foundations are flashy skyscrapers and designer boutiques, which give it cool, glitz and glamour. As one of the key ports on the Indian Ocean trade routes, foreigners have been visiting here since Ptolemy arrived in 150 AD.
Gate of India Mumbai
The Portuguese took the area over from the Sultan of Gujarat in 1534, and then gave it away as a wedding present to Charles II of England in 1661 when he married Catherine of Braganza. In 1668, it was handed over to the fledgling East India Company under which it flourished. It's an exhilarating city, fuelled by entrepreneurial energy, determination and dreams. Compared to the torpor of the rest of India, it can seem like a foreign country. Mumbai is the finance capital of the nation, the industrial hub of everything from textiles to petrochemicals, and it's responsible for half the country's foreign trade. To many visitors, Mumbai is the glamour of Bollywood cinema, cricket on the maidans on weekends, bhelpuri on the beach at Chowpatty and red double-decker buses.
Haji Ali (Dargah)
Dargah of Haji Ali is also one of the most important tourist attractions in Mumbai in Maharashtra, India. The Muslim saint Haji Ali's Dargah is situated on a piece of land on the sea separated from the mainland by a narrow strip of land. A huge sculpted main entrance leads to a marble courtyard that houses the main shrine. Devotees from far and wide to pray at this sacred Dargah.
Prince of Wales Museum
Prince of Wales Museum located on the Mahatma Gandhi Road in Mumbai, India is known for its Indo-Saracenic architecture and was constructed in the early 20th century to commemorate the visit of the Price of Wales to India. You must definitely make a trip to this museum during your sightseeing tours to Mumbai in Maharashtra, India.

Gateway of India
Gateway of India located in Mumbai, India is one of the most important tourist attractions that you must visit during your tours to this region. The construction of the Gateway of India was completely in the year 1924. This massive monument was built to mark the visit of the English king George V and Queen Mary to India.
Taraporewala Aquarium
Taraporewala Aquarium located on the Marine Drive in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India is one of the most frequented tourist attractions in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India. This massive aquarium is home to a large variety of exotic fishes.
How to Reach Mumbai
Mumbai, the erstwhile Bombay, is the largest city and the financial hub of India. Since it a major metropolis, it has the best national and international connections. Getting to the Island City is easy because it is well-connected by means of air, road, rail as well as water.
By Air:Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport is the major airdrome that receives both domestic and international traffic to the city. Almost all the airlines operate flights to and from Mumbai. It is the busiest airport of the country, that handles at least 45 landings and take-offs per hour. It has two domestic and two international terminals, which are connected by shuttle services.
By Train: Mumbai boasts of an extensive network of rail tracks, which connects the city with all parts of the nation. It houses the headquarters of Central Railways and Western Railways. Besides Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminal - the major one, there are other railway stations at Bombay Central, Churchgate, Dadar and Kurla. One can board trains from here to any place across the country.
By Road: The National Highways No. 3, 4, 6, 8, 9 and 17 pass through the city, making it accessible from all parts of the country. Besides these National Highways, the Mumbai-Pune expressway traverses through the city. Many long distance buses leave from the State Transport Terminal, which is located opposite Mumbai's Central Railway Station.
By Boat: One amongst the best natural harbors in the world, Mumbai port handles 50% of the passenger traffic and most of the cargo of the country. Above all, it serves as an important base for the Navy. One can reach close-by islands and beaches by getting in ferries that start from Ferry Wharf. Many travel companies provide sea-cruises to Singapore, Malaysia, Dubai, etc.
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